21 May 2019


What is Mean Stack?

The term MEAN STACK denotes a collection of java script based technologies which are used to develop web pages and web applications. Mean is an abbreviation for Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node.js. Existing server to client database, MEAN is a full stack java script. Mean is a combination of “Mongo DB Express.js Angular JS Node Js.That’s why it is called MEAN. Let’s define each part of MEAN below.


Node.js is a platform built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applications. It uses non-blocking and event-driven I/O Model which makes it efficient and lightweight. It is perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across a distributed device


Express is a minimal and flexible lightweight framework which is used to build web applications in Node. It provides all required features to build single and multi-page web applications. It is released as free and open source framework. It is a fast, minimalist and not opinionated framework for node.

Mango DB

Mango DB  is a No SQL database system. It is a cross-platform, documented oriented database which works on the concepts and the documents. It saves data in a binary format generally using JSON format which makes it easier to pass data between the client and the server.

Angular JS

Angular JS is a java script framework which is developed by Google. The two-way data binding feature of Angular JS makes it easier to develop new applications using it. It is a complete solution which can be used to build awesome applications rapidly. Angular JS runs on all mobile devices, laptop, desktop and even Smart TV.

Benefits of using Mean Stack

  • It is often updated as it has open source components.
  • Developing web applications with Node.js is easy as it provides a good variety of JavaScript modules.
  • Mean stack gives the developer a freedom to write code in only one language (JavaScript) for both client and server side that makes it a simple and fast language.
  • Precisely flowing data among the layers of JSON does not require rewriting or reformatting as Mean uses common JSON format of data everywhere.
  • Transfer of code from a particular framework to another framework is easy with Mean. Mean stack has become a leading end technology recently.
  • Mean is highly flexible. Testing application on the cloud platform is easier after the successful completion of its development process. You can add extra information by just adding an extra field to your form.
  • Development of apps with mean stack is less costly as it just requires developers who are proficient at java script.
  • Mean assists in the current period to develop real-time trending applications. Since it utilizes single-page applications (SPAs), There is no need to constantly update web pages for each server request.
  • Mean saves a lot of time in developing applications because it has an infinite set of module libraries for Node.js which are ready for use.
  • There is no time waste in creating modules from scratch. Time management is a huge benefit while in another hand, It also creates quality world-class applications.
  • Mean supports MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.
  • Mean Stack is very easy and flexible to understand which helps the developers to customize it as per requirements.
  • Mean stack provides developers the feature to make website interactive by working on its appearances.
  • In the back end development too, the developers making the website more functional and is also provided by the mean stack.

Mean stack is improving daily and it is also easy to use. The leading development companies use Mean Stack for developing top mobile apps as Mean Stack is listed as the best technology for developing mobile apps. For most innovative web applications this is the most suitable technology.

Why should we learn Mean ?

It’s hard to accomplish more on the web and mobile without java script. The java script is the main language that runs the entire MEAN full stack and boasts one of the most active developer communities .Since every part of MEAN programming is written in one language, it supports unique server-side and client-side execution environments. It is known for it’s versatility in building fast, robust and maintainable production web applications. It is in high demand with numerous employers and start ups.

Some Facts about MEAN STACK:

  • Mean Stack is used by PayPal, Uber, Linked in among many others.
  • Node. Js is the clear winner in terms of job growth.
  • Employer demand for Mongo DB is also growing fast.
  • Angular .js which is made available by Google (and by extension YouTube) have poured a lot of money and their engineering talent into improving Angular.js.
  • As described above, each of the MEAN Stack’s individual components is becoming prominent as the winner of it’s respective category.

So, from the Jobs standpoint and employer demand, it makes sense to focus on the MEAN Stack as a whole. It gives you knowledge about all individual components. If an employer wants to use, for example, Backbone.js instead of Angular.js, you’ll already be familiar with one and can easily learn the other. As all have Java script in common.

How to become a Mean Stack Developer?

To grow your career in Mean Stack development, first, you need the fundamental skills about Mean Stack. You need to learn all Mean Stack components explained above. To become a Mean Stack developer, your first and foremost strategy should be learning all the required skills. You need to build expertise over Mean Stack. Also, you’ll need to build practical proficiency in technologies. You need to join the Mean Stack Training.

Pre-requisites for MEAN Stack Training ?

Prior knowledge and concept of Java script is required to take Mean Stack training. Knowledge of Angular JS, Express JS and other java script components is a benefit to the learner. You can even start Mean Stack if you know basic of Java script.

What is Mean Stack Developer Salary?

With evidence to the international market, Mean Stack developer salary is $62.50 per hour. The average Mean Stack Developer salary in USA is $121,875 per year according to data provided by different authentic sources. By this salary range, it is clear that Mean Stack course is highly recommended to learn.

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