SAP ABAP Training

SAP-ABAP Training

ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming / 4th generation language. ABAP is a programming language used for developing applications for the SAP R/3 system. SAP will run applications written using ABAP/4.

In this course, you will acquire in-depth knowledge of the ABAP language and understand how to program database updates and also reports with the SAP List Viewer (ALV). ABAP is a high-level 4TH generation programming language that runs in the SAP ABAP runtime environment. It is created and used by SAP for the development of application programs. All of the R/3ʼs applications and even parts of its basic system were developed in ABAP. It is an event-driven programming language. User actions and system events control the execution of an application.

This course will prepare you to:
  • Understand the SAP NetWeaver AS fundamentals
  • Work with the ABAP Workbench tools
  • Write simple ABAP programs
  • Understand the ABAP Dictionary
  • Write object-oriented programs with ABAP
  • Understand the techniques in enhancements and modifications
  • Create simple Web Dynpro for ABAP applications.
SAP R/3 Architecture
  • The functionality of SAP R/3 Architecture.
  • Features of SAP R/3 Services
ABAP Data Dictionary
  • Tables (Designing and behavior)
  • Views
  • Structures
  • Data Elements and Domains
  • Search help functionality
  • Lock objects
  • Table maintenance
ABAP programming and Reports
  • Data types and Data objects functionality
  • Parameters, select-options, range definition, and usage
  • Field string concepts
  • Internal tables and Internal tables events
  • SQL statements
  • Introduction to SAP R/3 pre-defined tables from functional modules like MM/SD/FI
  • Events
  • Classical reports and Interactive reports
  • Designing selection-screen (with radio buttons, blocks, checkboxes etc.)
  • Variants and background job scheduling
  • ALV and GRID reporting / Blocked ALV’s
  • Debugging (important)
Performance Tools
  • SQL Trace
  • Run-time Analysis
  • Performance tuning
Modularizing Techniques
  • Subroutines
  • Function modules ( use in Background job scheduling)
  • Field-Symbols
  • Includes
  • Macros
Dialog programming (Transactions)
  • Module pool program (Programming, flow logic, layout design)
  • PBO/ PBI/POV/POH functionality
  • Logical Unit of Work (LUW)
  • Screen painter, menu painter functionality
  • Table controls, sub-screens
  • Tabstrips implementation in client scenarios
Batch Data Conversion (BDC’s)
  • File handling techniques
  • Session method
  • Call transaction methods
  • Implementation on session and call transaction Methods on MM01,XD01, XK01 applications
  • Implementations of Recording on Session as well as Call Transaction Method
  • Logical file handling using Open dataset concepts
  • Direct Input method
  • LSMW (Legacy system Migration Workbench)
SAP Scripts and Smart Forms
  • Creating layout sets, defining a logo in layout sets, Styles and texts
  • Print program and attaching layouts to reports
  • Modifying pre-defined layouts
  • Implementation scenarios
IDOC’s (Intermediate Document)
  • IDOC basis and architecture
  • IDOC structure and IDOC Types
ALE (Application Link Enabling)
  • Application of ALE between R/3 to R/3 system and between R/3
  • Non-SAP systems
  • Message controls
  • Message Types
  • Customer Distribution Model
  • Partner Profile and its application
  • Change pointer functionality
  • User_Exits/ Menu_Exits/ Function_Exits
  • Concepts of Business Add-Ins (BADI’s)

Sap ABAP Course Features

  • Backup Sap ABAP Classes
  • Experienced ABAP Trainers
  • SAP ABAP Online Training
  • SAP ABAP Classroom Training
  • SAP ABAP Corporate Training
  • Affordable SAP ABAP Training Cost
  • SAP ABAP Course Completion Certificate
  • Personality Development Training
  • Hands-on Training
  • Resume Preparation
  • Career Counselling
  • Placement Assistance
  • Live Project Support
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Parking Facility

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