30 May 2019


Cloud computing is one in all the foremost talked about IT trends these days. This is often as a result of the very fact that cloud computing has helped many enterprises to save money.

Reasons why every enterprise might need cloud computing for their business?

Cost savings – Cloud computing removes the necessity of a company to invest in storage hardware and servers. Focusing on the business -Since all the services will execute over the web, a company does not have to bother about technical problems and alternative issues related to physical storage and backup. A company will focus more on their core business. Performance – It delivers reliable performance regardless to the geographical location of the user. Another key feature can be the automated change of services and applications.

Security – Cloud Computing offers optimum security which protects you against any unauthorized access, modification and loss of data.

Flexibility – Even though a part of the cloud atmosphere fails or stops operating, the opposite resources still work till the matter is fastened

Amazon Web Services (A W S) is a group of remote computing services, also called web services, which jointly make up a cloud computing platform.

The most significant feature in A W S is its flexibility. All the services work and communicate together with our application to automatically evaluate order and handle it accordingly.


Amazon Web Service delivers High availability Performance as promised by them.

Access to the A W  S resources can be controlled by I A M (Identity and Access Management)

On the Go Pricing:

Amazon took a refreshing approach to pricing its hosting when launching AWS.

There are two types of promising cloud computing careers: IT pros with specific cloud skills and IT admin with cloud architecture skills.

Companies that need specific cloud computing skills or development skills are normally already devoted to a specific cloud provider, such as Amazon Web Services (A W S), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. These positions are often joined to emerging DevOps automation tools and processes, and typically in recently created project groups.


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