08 Feb 2019

cognizant interview question c language for coimbatore
1) What is a pointer? Define it. Pointer is a variable which stores the address of other variables which hold some value in it. Directly pointer is used to point values of variables indirectly. We can manipulate its values. 2) What is a dangling pointer in C? Dangling pointer is a pointer which does not point to a valid object of the appropriate type. It appears when a pointer i...

30 Jan 2019

C interviwe question with answers
1) What is the difference between #include <file> and #include "file" ? We use # include to include a file. The difference between two ways of file inclusion lies in the order in which preprocessor searches for the file specified. When the preprocessor encounters #include<file> statement, it looks for the file specified in the angled brackets in the default location (Path ...
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