28 May 2019


It is a known fact that more than half of the mobile users in the world opt to use an Android phone rather than an iPhone. There surely are a bunch of competitors waiting around the corner, which might pose a problem for the market share of Android. However, there still are a number of reasons why Android as a language is still a better and more preferred choice than iOS by developers. Presented below are uninstalls reasons why Android platform is better for creating applications rather than iOS.

  1. Market growth

While iOS is bringing in cash to developers, it is also true that the market share of Android id growing gin an exponential level due to the huge number of choices it puts forward to users. The future scope of Android is great.


  1. Lower start up requirement

For beginners, it is easier to get registered at 25 dollars and use Windows, Linux or iOS to create Android apps. For iOS development, the initial investment required is a Mac as well as an annual fee of 99 dollars for the App Store accounts.


  1. Global distribution

Yes, there are areas where Android cannot beat up iPhone sales and hence the need of iOS development, however, the wider majority of the world is still using Android phones and hence development using Android is better on a market share basis.


  1. Less exclusive language necessity

The programming language used in Android is mostly Java and is easily accessible. For iOS, the demanding knowledge of objective C is required making Android more welcoming to beginners.


  1. Faster learning

Software developers who have tried learning both Android development and iOS development have stressed on the fact that the learning curve and logical resolving in Android are easier and better than in iOS.


  1. Wider hardware range

Compatibility of Android with multiple manufacturer devices opens new possibilities for Android developers in the market. They can easily use the hardware featured of the best-selling high-end phones and create software accordingly.


  1. Open learning environment

Android offers for freedom to developers to grow and do more. The flexibility offered by Android is not found in iOS and its rigid set of rule limiting.


  1. Publishing and reviews

Android can help users upload the app to the Google Play on the same day, making publishing easier. On the other hand, the same publishing for iOS can take up to 4 weeks. App reviews are much easier to put out in Android.


  1. Analytics speaks volumes

According to analysis, it has been found that Google Play is doing a much better job than App Store when it comes to giving reviews to the developers about their applications. The number of installations and uninstallations are easily put forward by Android, making it an opportunity to grow for Android developers.


  1. Social media integration

Social media integration of Android is much better than that of iOS. Android is well optimized to collaborate with major social networks stimulating content sharing and user interaction.


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